Zegul kayak Bara HV ACORE Blue-White-White

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Zegul Arrow Play series kayaks are all performance sea kayaks, developed specially for maneuvering and playing in the sea. These kayaks are also excellent for day trips and longer overnight getaways. The hull has significant rocker and volume in the bow to avoid diving when riding down the wave. The mid-section has a slightly rounded profile, making it very smooth form edge to edge. This combined with the hard chines make the Play a joy to paddle, whether you enjoy the rough stuff or just want a sea kayak that responds instantly to your moves. The Play series has proven to be our most popular sea kayaks in Scandinavia. Zegul Play series deck is smooth with soft lines; especially the front deck, which catches less wind. The deck line outfitting is also practical and the overhang in the bow has been lowered and extended.

The most important keywords describing Zegul Play LV is versatility and fit – it fits the smaller or athletically built paddlers of almost all skill levels.

Arrow Play MV has a slightly raised deck compared to the Play LV for more comfort and room in the cockpit.
The key selling point for the Play MV is versatility – it fits a wide range of paddlers in almost all skill levels.

Zegul Arrow Play HV is the highest volume version of the Arrow Play kayaks. It is an excellent kayak for day trips and longer overnight getaways.

The Play series kayaks are equipped with a retractable skeg. 

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