Shipping and Returns

Your purchases made through online store will be sent to Canada by Canada Post at no charge if the amount of your pre-tax bill is more than $ 100. If not, a $ 20 fee will be added to your bill if the shipping address is in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. A $ 30 fee will be added for addresses in Canada but outside the provinces mentioned above. AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE MAY APPLY FOR DELIVERIES TO REMOTE OR POORLY SERVICED AREAS BY CONVENTIONAL TRANSPORTATION NETWORKS. WE WILL CONTACT YOU IF NECESSARY.

Attention, objects of dimensions outside standards are excluded from this offer of transport. If you wish to have an extraordinary item delivered, such as a kayak, canoe, SUP, toboggan, trailer, etc., please contact us by email at [email protected], including your address and postal code . You can also contact us by phone at 450 474-2762. We will then be able to evaluate the best method of transportation as well as the fees that will be attached.

We undertake to deliver your purchases within a reasonable time subject to the availability of carriers used by the shipper, who are solely responsible for the delivery of the products or services purchased. The risk of loss and the right of ownership of the good or service purchased are transferred to you when it is delivered to the carrier or if the goods cross an international border, this risk is transferred to you after the customs clearance. In-store pickup of an online purchase must be done during regular business hours. In this case, the risk of loss and the right of ownership of the purchased property are transferred to you when you take possession of it at the store.

Return: Return charges are the responsibility of the customer.