Zegul kayak Arrow Empower HV ACORE White-Blue-White

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The Zegul Arrow Empower is the ultimate expedition kayak specially made for long trips and expeditions. The Empower is a surprisingly agile and, despite its length, has a very nice glide. Empower acts almost like a play boat when put on edge. The Empower kayak has soft chines and a long waterline. The hull profile is rounded and rocker is moderate to handle big seas. The four hatches are all beautifully recessed into the deck and allow packing with ease for extended trips or just for a weekend getaway. The knee hatch can hold gear like VHF radio or a cell phone and a small water bottle. The day hatch has lots of room for other equipment necessary while at sea. The Zegul Empower is equipped with a SmartTrack rudder and a retractable skeg.

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Length: 556 cm / 18′3″
Width: 53 cm / 21″
Capacity: 178 kg / 392 lbs
Weight of the hull: 27 kg / 60 lbs
Weight fully equipped :
Cockpit size:
Paddler weight :
Material: A-Core
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