Tahe Marine SUP Breeze Wing Air

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The 11'0"/12'0'' Breeze Wing pack is designed with thinner shapes and a more pronounced bow to obtain better performance on flat waters and in choppy conditions. It is the ideal board for family outings or hiking.It offers an excellent glide/stability ratio.It is equipped with central carrying handles, front and rear, two stainless steel anchor points (rear: ankle leash + front: towing) and a large pad in foam that offers comfort and effective grip.The board is also equipped with a system of elastics to secure the on-board equipment.

The set includes:

  • 1 Board 11'0"/ 12'0'' Breeze Wing
  • 1 large backpack
  • 1 Double action pump with pressure indicator.
  • 1 paddle
  • 1 Leash
  • 1 Touring Spoiler 9"
  • 1 Repair kit

Our unique SUP AIR construction technology features a double-layered lanyard and side rails for added rigidity, combined with heavy-duty drop-stitch panels to reduce weight without sacrificing durability.

1- Deck Pad. 2&3- Inner and outer PVC layer reinforcement along the rail.
4- Single layer PVC. 5&8- PVC stringer patch.
6- High Density Dropstitch 4”75 or 6” thickness. 7- Bottom stringer.


Warning :

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Length: 11'/12'6
Width: 32"/ 28"
Height: 6"
Weight: 23 lbs/ 24 lbs
Capacity: 220 lbs
Volume: 305L/ 290L
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