SIC Maui 190 Talon SUP Paddle

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The Talon ALU FIXL (fixed length) are extremely durable and low maintenance due to having no moving parts. These paddles feature an aluminium shaft with a durable Fibrylon blade and grip. The Talon FIXL is excellent for individuals, clubs, and schools and has colored grips to distinguish the various sizes.

SIC's 2021 collection of paddles was developed from the ground up. The ultimate goal was to create the perfect, comprehensive range to suit all paddlers from the most elite in the world, like those men and women on the SIC team, recreational fitness, beginners, and youth paddlers. From top to bottom, the SIC paddle range utilizes a wide variety of materials offering a multitude of flexes, blade shapes, and grip options. We are confident that you will find the perfect paddle for you in our extensive range.

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