Liquidlogic Kayak RMX

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The RMX performs in the same all-river category that the Remix has for nearly 15 years: it’s a boat that can do it all. The RMX is a boat that can give confidence to a newer paddler running their first class III, and can excite the best paddlers in the world to explore the hardest rivers they’ll run. To achieve this versatility, we started with the performance-driven rocker profile of the OG Remix, that had proven ability to give an agile, intuitive feel, and added a planing hull with crisp yet forgiving edges. The combination makes for an easy-spinning, hard-carving machine that goes where you want it to with exceptional glide, skip, and agility. Then we put Alpha-sized rocker on the front end to power you up and over anything the river throws at you. The steeply-peaked bow means that if you ever do drive it under water, you’ll surface under control. Like the OG Remix, the tail tapers to smaller volume right at the very end, making surfing a dream, and allows more advanced paddlers to pull the stern underwater for sensational skips, water boofs, and rapid direction changes. Whether you are just starting to test the waters or heading out to push the limits, the RMX will deliver.


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Length: 76: 9' / 86: 9' 4" / 96: 9'6''
Width: 76: 25.5'' / 86: 26.5" / 96: 27.25''
Weight of the hull: 76: 42 lbs / 86: 51 lbs / 96: 53 lbs
Weight fully equipped :
Cockpit size:
Volume: 76: 76 Gal / 86: 86 Gal / 96: 96 Gal
Paddler weight : 76: 80-180 lbs / 86: 120-220 lbs / 96: 160-260 lbs
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