Jackson kayak Rock Star 5.0

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Jackson is proud to continue our legacy of making the best freestyle boats in the world with the Rockstar V. Our goal when designing this boat was to combine the best qualities of our favorite older playboats with a sweet, new shape that will make everyone excited about playboating. The Rockstar V makes it easier to have more fun in every type of play environment. Waves, holes, flatwater, and downriver just got awesome!

Whether you’re just learning to get vertical in the flatwater, or hoping to WIN the next World Championships, this boat will make it easier.

Anyone looking to try freestyle kayaking. Whether you’re hoping to get your first surf or cartwheel, or win the World Championship, this boat is designed to PLAY.


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Length: S: 5'4'' M: 5'8'' L: 5'11''
Width: S: 24,25'' M: 26'' L: 27,5''
Height: 14" - 15.5"
Weight of the hull: S: 26,5lbs M: 29lbs L: 34lbs
Weight fully equipped :
Cockpit size:
Volume: S: 50gal. M: 59gal. L: 69gal.
Paddler weight : S: 100-160lbs M: 140-200lbs L: 180-240lbs
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