Dagger Kayak Stratos 12.5

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Playful and sporty in the surf, yet equally capable for a day trip on the lake, the all-new Stratos 12.5 offers infinite possibilities. The compact shape accelerates easily with a considerable nod to maneuverability, with the capacity fitting of a lengthier boat. Plus, it's equipped with all the features you need and want – bow and stern bulkheads, TruTrak skeg system, Contour CFS Seating System, and, best of all, Dagger’s new touring bulkhead foot brace for added connection.

Stratos 12.5S - Same boat length as the 12.5L, but this model features a lower deck height and is more suited for smaller to medium-sized paddlers or paddlers with a shorter torso but still with great capacity at 250 lbs.

Stratos 12.5L - This model features a more voluminous deck height for larger paddlers or those that prefer a larger fit and also has a maximum capacity of 300 lbs.


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Length: 12' 6" / 381 CM
Width: 25" / 64 CM
Height: 14.5" / 37 CM
Capacity: 300 LBS. / 136 KG
Weight of the hull: 54 LBS. / 24.5 KG
Weight fully equipped :
Cockpit size: SEALS 1.7 Small/Large
Paddler weight :
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