Dagger Kayak Code 2024

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Live by your own Code.

Dagger’s latest creation is a fusion of the ever-popular Mamba model and super speedster, the Phantom. Charging ahead for all skill levels of paddler, the modern semi-planing hull offers high performance without sacrificing stability, while the high-rockered design delivers immediate feedback to keep you fully locked in for dialing in those sweet lines. Available in SM, MD, and LG sizes with Dagger's class-leading ContourErgo Engage Outfitting. With a size for everyone from aspiring to advanced, the Code becomes the pillar of the Dagger whitewater line.

Warning :

This is an oversize item, contact us for the applicable fees and shipping terms.

Length: S: 8'3 / M: 8'9 / L: 9'2
Width: S: 26'' / M: 27'' / L: 28''
Weight of the hull: S: 44 Lbs / M: 49lbs / L: 53lbs
Weight fully equipped :
Cockpit size:
Volume: S: 74gal. / M: 89gal. / L: 97gal.
Paddler weight : S: 100-160lbs / M: 140-220lbs / L: 180-260lbs
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