Dagger kayak Axis 10.5

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Amazing versatility on lakes, reservoirs, intercoastal waterways, and pond. The Axis provides excellent tracking from a height-adjustable drop skeg that keeps it moving straight. Defined chines and optimized rocker add maneuverability to increase responsiveness in more challenging environments. The Axis 10.5 is ideal for the eclectic paddler who appreciates relaxing day trips on the lake, but might also enjoy the challenge of a running river and is unmatched in its class. 


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Length: 10' 6" / 320 CM
Width: 28.5" / 72 CM
Height: 16" / 41 CM
Capacity: 300 LBS. / 136 KG
Weight of the hull: 50 LBS. / 23 KG
Weight fully equipped :
Cockpit size: 2.2
Paddler weight :
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