Zegul kayak Greenland T A-Core Blue/Blue

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Zegul Greenland is a classic kayak inspired by genuine skin on frame Greenland hunting kayaks.
With the classic lines and low volume traditional design, the Greenland is extremely responsive to paddler’s input. Zegul Greenland style kayak has particularly low volume and a tight fit to Your body, which gives You a full control and brings You closer to the water than ever. The kayak has a hard chine all the way along the V-bottomed hull and a high rocker to ease maneuvers. Greenland has a low back deck for easy laid back rolls & rather low volume front deck to help you on the forward rolls.
The Zegul Greenland is designed for paddlers who want a traditional style kayak and make eskimo rolls look easy.

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Length: 17'9''
Width: 21.25''
Hight: 12''
Capacity: 298 lbs
Weight of the hull: 49 lbs
Fully equipped weight:
Cockpit size:
Weight paddle:
Material: Zegul A-Core
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