Zegul kayak Bara HV ACORE Red-White-White

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Zegul Arrow Bara is a mid-sized sea kayak that can handle rough water and longer distances. It has good carrying capacity, is easily maneuverable and has a more solid platform. It is designed keeping roomy cockpit in mind.  The kayak suits well for a wide range of paddlers who need a high performance touring and expedition kayak. Several storage compartments allow you to load up all your gear and the day hatch keeps your essentials close while on the water. The Zegul Arrow Bara is equipped with SmartTrack rud-
der and retractable skeg. 

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Length: 17'2''
Width: 22''
Capacity: 344 lbs
Weight of the hull: 58 lbs
Fully equipped weight:
Cockpit size: 33 ¼” × 17½”
Weight paddle:
Material: A-Core
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