Rhéaume Canot Explorer 16 'FG White PVC gunwales

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The 16′ Explorer is a very versatile canoe and it’s suitable for all kinds of activities, like hunting, fishing, camping, expedition or family trips. This canoe can be paddled as much by a beginner as an expert. Its 38 “width makes it the most stable boat in our range and its large capacity allows for safe expeditions. The 16′ Explorer was developed from our Huron model in red cedar, which has been much appreciated since decades. It offers exceptional weight versus the cedar counterpart. It is our most versatile model that can be appreciated by any type of paddler.


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Length: 16′
Width: 38″
Hight: 14½”
Gunwale: PVC
Weight: 55 – 57 lbs
Capacity: 1000 lbs
Materials: Fiberglass
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