Rhéaume Explorer Canoe 16' (Innegra Carbon / Basalt) integrated gunwales

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The Explorer 16 'offers extraordinary capacity, stability, speed and efficiency. Perfect for everything from the family to the cottage or camping, fishing, hunting and long term trips.

The explorer 16 'is made using the infusion process which requires vacuuming. This gives it exceptional lightness and build quality. With its design of carbon and Kevlar webs, it is both rigid and flexible. Its carbon infused gunwales make the dinghy even lighter and give it good reinforcement at the top of the hull. In addition, they are maintenance free. The interior is made of cherry wood pieces. Its very comfortable curved benches give it a great look and its kneeling bar is very practical for paddling alone. As for the hollow yoke, it perfectly matches the shoulder shape to allow long portages.

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Length: 16'
Width: 38''
Hight: 14½''
Rocker: 1½''
Gunwale: Integrated
Weight: 38 pounds
Capacity: 1000 pounds
Seat: 2 x oiled cherry webling
Materials: Carbon / Innegra
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