Rhéaume Canoe Prospecteur 16'6'' FG Ruby-Clear with PVC gunwale

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The Prospector 16'6 is one of the most popular models ever to hit the market of all brands. This is our tallest canoe. It can be used both on a calm lake and on a river since it can be maneuvered very quickly to avoid obstacles. Its responsiveness remains present even if it is heavily loaded. It is also endowed with remarkable stability in both solo and tandem. This canoe adapts to any situation and is suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers. It is the model most used with camps, parks and schools.

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Length: 16'6''
Width: 35''
Hight: 13.5''
Gunwale: PVC
Weight: 54 - 56 lbs
Capacity: 850 lbs
Seat: Wood and nylon
Materials: faberglass
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