Pelican kayak Catch 120

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No doubt about it, this sit-on-top kayak collection is for the serious kayak angler. THE CATCH family features a Tunnel Hull granting amazing stability making it easy to stand while casting your lines and there is plenty of floor space to prevent you from tripping over your equipment. Well planned out accessories help keep everything conveniently stowed and these boats are light enough for most people to carry and launch on their own! THE CATCH 120 is specially designed for those looking for a kayak with more space and storage. At 12' long and 69 lb, this kayak is ideal for the bigger angler looking to bring along a lot of gear with a total weight capacity of 400 lb.


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Length: 11 ft 8 in. - 355 cm
Width: 34 in. - 86 cm
Hight: 15 in. - 38 cm
Capacity: 400 lb - 181 kg
Weight of the hull: 69 lb - 31 kg
Fully equipped weight:
Cockpit size:
Weight paddle:
Material: RAM-XMC Premium
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