P&H kayak Volan MV Lightweight Kevlar/Carbon with Keel strip Green/White/Turquoise

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The Ultimate Lightweight, Highly Versatile Day/Weekend Sea Kayak

The Volan is built specifically for those who want to make the most of day and weekend trips; tracking straight when flat, but swinging round effortlessly when on edge or carving into a turn, the Volan has comfortable performance for both the journey and any play spots you find on the way. The short, 16' length provides ample hull speed for most adventures, and helps keep weight to an absolute minimum for nimble performance and easy handling.

Lightweight Kevlar/Carbon Infusion

  • Our stiffest composite construction ever.
  • Lightweight and exceptionally durable.
  • Advanced layup process ensures precise amount of resin is infused into kevlar/carbon weave.
  • No air pockets or inconsistencies to deter from hull structure.
  • Approx 3.5kg lighter than Performance Kevlar / Diolen.

Hull: Foam core kevlar/carbon.
Deck: GRP mat with glass cloth rovings and kevlar/carbon reinforcements.
Options: Clear Hull (approx 250g lighter), Keel Strip, Extra Wide Seam.


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