Oxbow SUP inflatable Discover Air 12'6''

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SUP Inflatable

The Oxbow AIR SUP inflatables are ultra light, solid and their construction ensures them a rigidity similar to rigid models.

By adding a non stretchable reinforcement along the upper and lower centre lines, as well as a double layer along the rail, we reduced weight and significantly increased rigidity and ease of rolling after use.

The AIR models inflate at 15psi and come with an oversized backpack for easy transport and storage, a double-acting pump with pressure gauge, packing straps, a removable central fin with tool-free screw, a repair kit and a valve key.

For walking and hiking in all conditions. Boards ready for travel and easy to store.

Warning :

This is an oversize item, contact us for the applicable fees and shipping terms.

Length: 12'6'
Width: 28''
Height: 6''
Weight: 24 lbs
Capacity: 240 lbs
Volume: 290 L
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