Nautiraid kayak GRAND NARAK 550 PVC wood tandem +Pack Evasion + Rudder kit Red

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The Grand Narak is the convertible two-seater in the Narak family.

Designed as an oversized single-seater, it stands out with its ability to be just as enjoyable to paddle with two people as by yourself (by putting one of the two seats in the middle).

The Stabilairs provide great stability alongside the Narak hull’s other features, with its high stem for slicing through the sea, chine hull for straight steering, and its advanced beam for sharp turns and surfing following waves.

Narrower than the Grand Raids, which can carry bulkier loads, this is the fastest of the Nautiraid two-seaters. Your daily range is therefore greater and less tiring.

Used as a single-seater, it becomes an expedition kayak with a remarkable load capacity.

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