Liquidlogic Kayak Remix XP

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The Remix XP was designed to bridge the gap between the two once and for all. The Remix XP is an extension of our popular river runner series and although its roots are firmly planted in whitewater the XP's extended waterline allows it to cruise the flats with ease. The XP has and integral skeg which when deployed offers superb tracking but with the skeg tucked away the XP offers the agility needed to excel on whitewater.


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Length: XP9= 9'2'' - XP10= 10'3''
Width: XP9= 26'' - XP10= 28''
Weight of the hull: XP9= 46 lbs - XP10= 49 lbs
Fully equipped weight:
Cockpit size:
Weight paddle: XP9= 100-220 lbs - XP10= 180-300 lbs
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