Liquidlogic Kayak Delta V

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The Delta V design comes from two great lineages. We took the soft landing, quick resurfacing, and confidence inspiring influence of our famous Jefe series and blended it with the Braaaps agile rocker profile to allow any paddler to easily negotiate their intended line. The Delta V also features a unique stern “Turbo Booster” which accelerates the kayak forward when engaged after a drop. Combine this with the nimble and intuitive feel that makes difficult maneuvers seem effortless and you have one powerful design. Simply put, this creek boat will have entry level paddlers falling in love with how easy it is to use, and top paddlers choosing it every time they are pushing the boundaries of the sport.


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Length: 8' 2" / 249 CM
Width: 26" / 66 CM
Weight of the hull: 46 LBS / 21 KG
Fully equipped weight:
Cockpit size:
Volume: 73 GAL / 276 L
Weight paddle: 100-200 LBS 49-91 KG
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