Mos Rack

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Charge your equipment while keeping both feet on the ground! Once deployed, the MOS Rack allows you to load your equipment 51 cm lower and 86 cm closer to your body.

The aluminum and stainless steel parts of the MOS Rack give it better durability against the bad weather of different seasons. The matt black anodized coating as well as the powder coating offer an elegant look while ensuring the robustness of the finish.

Load and unload your equipment effortlessly! Our unique system offers an assisted deployment of up to 70 pounds allowing you to store your sporting and outdoor items on the roof of the car quickly and safely.

The fixing surface of the MOS Rack is provided with 20 x 20mm T-slots which allow you to slide and fix your favorite accessories like, for example, bicycle or ski racks.

It is also possible to fix your accessories that tighten around bars of 8.5 cm or more in width and 3.18 cm or more in height, such as cargo boxes or equipment requiring the attachment of straps such as a kayak or a surf board.

Simple installation, directly on your roof racks. Thanks to its simple and secure bar attachment system, the MOS Rack can be installed in less than 5 minutes, directly on your "ultra-robust" type roof bars.

Your cross bars must be square, rectangular or oval and must have a loading capacity of 165 pounds or more.

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