Jackson Flex Drive E Motor

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Compatible only with FlexDrive-equipped boats, the FlexDrive-e is an electric drive that interchanges with the pedal drive unit in seconds to offer users an alternative, effortless power source.  The rugged motor is housed in an injection-molded case that is marine-ready and maintenance-free. Forward-reverse and speed are controlled by a single knob – even a novice can connect and operate FlexDrive E in minutes. With the flexibility to run under the power of a 24 V lithium battery at either 9.6 AH or 22 AH or 12 V deep-cycle battery, the FlexDrive E greatly extends the on-water range for every user.

– Continuous power control for variable speeds.
– Both forward and reverse
– Compatibility with many battery types. 
– Manageable battery life

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