Impex kayak Hatteras FG Design Temiscaming

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Imagine sitting in a kayak that goes with you and responds to your every move while being stable and comfortable paddling. With its well balanced hull, the Hatteras is the ideal kayak for playing in the waves while offering a good hull speed. He is the constant companion for everyday outings and will always be able to accompany you on short expeditions.

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Length: 16 pieds
Width: 22"
Hight: 13"
Weight of the hull: FG: 55 Lbs / KV: 52 Lbs / KVI: 48 Lbs
Fully equipped weight:
Cockpit size: 17" x 32"
Volume: 65 Gallon US
Weight paddle: 150 - 220 Lbs
Material: Fibre de verre: FG / Kevlard: KV / Kevlard infusion: KVI
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