Feelfree OD System Overdrive Pedal

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The Feelfree Overdrive is the modern evolution of pedal and power kayak propulsion, offering speed, ease of use and effortless adaptability. Designed to be retrofitted to most Lure 11.5, 13.5 and Lure II Tandems, the Overdrive is the only two-in-one system that offers pedal or power train capabilities in a single unit when associated with the '' Motordrive ''. Designed to last, the system is made from cast aluminum and finished with rugged components.

The overdrive system requires the purchase of additional parts such as:

  • Hand control of the rudder (Hand-Control or new '' 8 Ball ''),
  • The seat adjustment system
  • The rudder for '' Overdrive ''
  • A new cooler door (Lid) front for the Lure 13.5
  • An 'Overdrive' fixing set for the Lure II Tandem.

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