P&H kayak Cetus HV Performance Kevlar / Diolen (fiberglass) Blue / White / Green

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The ultimate expedition platform, the Cetus features a shallow 'V' hull and large, rounded chines smoothly transitioning in to a slender bow and stern, allowing it to track well and cover distance comfortably, but also swing around nimbly on edge, all whilst being remarkably stable no matter what the ocean throws at you; if you've ever wondered how your favorite sea kayaking photographer gets such crisp shots whilst on the water, the answer is probably a Cetus.

Performance Kevlar / Diolen

  • Excellent blend of diolen and kevlar's best qualities.
  • Approx weight saving of 1kg over our previous equivalent layup, Performance Diolen.
  • Great stiffness, durability and impact resistance.
  • Pleasing golden shimmer inside of kayak.

Hull: Kevlar/diolen weave with GRP mat, glass cloth and coremat reinforcement.
Deck: GRP mat with glass cloth rovings and kevlar reinforcement in key areas.


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Length: 18' 3"
Width: 22.5"
Weight of the hull: 60lb
Fully equipped weight:
Cockpit size:
Volume: 100(us)gal
Weight paddle: 308lb
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