Boonedox Landing Gear Groovy HD Solo Skiff et Hobie PA17

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It’s time to FISH! No sense spending any more time in the parking lot than you have to. The Boonedox Landing Gear mounts permanently to your hull, but the wheels can stay, stow, or go. You’re out there to catch fish… not fish for your gear. Landing Gear keeps you from having to turn the kayak on its side and dump everything in the water.  


 • Heavy Duty Aluminum Gussets

 • Gear Grooves On All Sides As Well As Cross Bar

 • Optional Sand Tire Kit Sold Separately

 • Lighter & Stronger – Rust Free Components

 • Includes 9" Backing Plates



* Boats That Exceed 180 Pounds Require HD Kit 

** Landing Gear® legs and wheels are intended for transportation only.  The Landing Gear® is not intended to support the weight of a kayak during storage.  Leaving the Landing Gear® deployed during storage can cause flat spotting on tires and added stress to your kayak.

*** This is an aftermarket product, all risks of damage to watercraft are assumed by the customer and not of the responsibility of BooneDOX.

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