Cashion Rod Kayak Worm 6'9" Fast, Med-Hvy

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The Cashion Fishing Rods Kayak Worm and Jig Fishing Rod is designed for fishing worms, jigs, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, etc. The TM84369bk can handle any lure up to 3/4oz. It has the backbone to drive the hook home when dragging a football jig on points, as well as handle the shock of a close quarters hook set in standing timber. The tip is just right for those anglers that love skipping a jig under overhanging trees. The 6’9″ length is great for pinpoint pitches or long distance launching. The TM84369bk is the ultimate combination of power and sensitivity, making it a must in any kayak angler’s arsenal.

American Takle Microwave Guide System Casting

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