Cashion Rod Kayak Swimbait 7' Mod-Fast, 2X Hvy

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We went all the way to California to bring together two of the hottest groups in fishing.  The all new Kayak Swimbait Rod is 7′ long with a Mod-Fast action and 2X Heavy Power.  The Cashion Kayak Swimbait Rod has an extra long 14″ handle to provide superior leverage!  The Kayak Swimbait Rod, model TS9677bk, is built on Cashion CRT blanks, which means this rod also comes with a three year warranty!  The American Tackle Microwave guide system adds durability and distance by allowing heavy braid to easily flow through the guides,  and provides excellent knot clearance.  For anglers utilizing kayaks for a quieter approach, the TS9677bk allows for maximum casting distance and accuracy into tight spots, but still provides the leverage to control big baits, and get giant Swimbait fish to the Yak!

Kayak Swimbait

American Takle Microwave Guide System Casting

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